Growing up by the beaches of Southern California meant spending a lot of time outdoors. Since I spent most of my days kayak fishing, having a container that was waterproof was a huge advantage. After tipping over in the kayak a handful of times, which pretty much goes with the territory in kayak fishing, the concept for the CHRONTAINER was born.

There is a significant difference between water-resistant and water-proof. The CHRONTAINER has been tested in the most extreme conditions. During product testing, the CHRONTAINER surpassed expectations. Not only was it waterproof, but it was smell-proof as well, opening up a whole new world of options of this handy little device.
100% SMELL PROOF and 100% WATER PROOF are not just claims we make, but the bases on which our company was founded.
Today CHRONTAINERS come to you proudly made and assembled in the United States of America. You can be happy knowing that whatever you store in your CHRONTAINERS will be safe because every part of the CHRONTAINER is made from food grade materials and is BPA and PHALATE FREE.
CHRONTAINERS come in a variety of colors. Most of our customers choose the starter pack, which comes with an always-changing assortment of our most popular colors. Every CHRONTAINER comes complete with a lanyard and J-HOOK packed inside, making it possible to hang your CHRONTAINER from anything or anyone!